The Real Problem

The Real Problem, as it was called from the beginning of the present project, refers to a research oriented to reproduce the phenomena around particles carried in a turbulent flow (like sediments in a river).

OpenFoam will be the basic tool used to predict and reproduce this problem. ParaView is the tool used to visualize the problem and the OpenFoam results.

Beggining with the simplest case and going step by step to the more complex, the Real Problem will be solved. All results will be proved through experimental data to get a model as close as possible to the reality. After the model is able to reproduce the reality in simply problems, the boundary conditions like the shape, relative location, initial velocities and pressures could be defined in a more complex problem (trying to reproduce a river reality for example).

In order to solve bigger problems, like the described above, the OpenFoam will run in bigger computers. Initially it is used the Scientific Visualization Laboratory with the Constellation Computers. After that, the IEE laboratory is the next alternative. The third and the powerful option is SystemX (running in parallel).