Ronald D. Kriz

Associate Professor, Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM): esm
Director: Laboratory for Scientific Visual Analysis: sv
Biographical Summary

NOTE: When I stepped down as director of the University Visualization and Animation Group (popularly known
as VT-CAVE) on 2011, I had to move my web-server computer in the CAVE lab to my ESM office.
Before this move, I backed up and updated most, but not all, of the content from the subdomains
("sv", "jwave", "cave") onto the esm subdomain of the ESM department computer in Norris Hall.

When I retired on 2014, the content in the "sv", "esm", "jwave", and "cave" subdomains was moved to
a new off-campus domain name "". The web links below are all directed to this new domain.

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    Only the content in the "esm" subdomain is updated (reorganized with some new content).
    Content in the other subdomains is saved as-is and broken web links are either
    updated, if content still exists, or removed.

  • Research:

    Teaching Spring Semester 2011: 6 credit hours

    Teaching Fall Semester 2010: 6 credit hours

    Teaching Spring Semester 2010: 9 credit hours

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    Web Content Chronology:
    Created September 2008
    Moved to Off-Campus Web-server November 2014